About Us

Sun Village Animal Rescue all began with one dog: Solari. 

Solari was abandoned by her owners while she was several weeks pregnant and we, Lisa Garrett and Grant Johnson, took her in just in time. We cleaned out our shed and set up blankets, food, water, insulation, and a heater. Three days later she gave birth to a new litter of puppies. Her story went viral, and because of the generosity of our YouTube community, we were able to give those babies the moon and ensure everyone had the best start in life they could imagine. 

After many, many, many requests and deep reflection, we decided to keep going with our mission to save the next life, and do the next right thing by founding          Sun Village Animal Rescue.

Our location is a residence based out of Victorville California. At this time, we do not have the capability to transport pets by air. We could potentially arrange for animals to be delivered via uShip on a case by case basis. It is preferable that any potential adopters come to us within a safe and reasonable driving distance (~8 hours or less). The shorter the distance, the more likely you are to be selected to adopt a puppy, as puppies struggle a great deal with car sickness. 

We plan on specializing in taking in pregnant mama dogs and raising their puppies in a safe and controlled environment, free from stress and disease. We will assist with accidental litters and take on different dogs that need help on a case by case basis. Our mission is simply to put one foot in front of the other while following a kind, loving, and caring path. When in doubt, do the next right thing.

Board of Directors

Grant Johnson

Founder / President

Lisa Garrett

Founder / Treasurer

Diana Pullen

Founder / Scribe

 Ashlyn Rijnders


Niranand Raum