Adoption Requirements (Click me)

Due to the nature of our unique situation, we are in a position to perform rigorous screening processes. Because of this, we have several requirements. 


Optional but increases chance of being selected for adoption:

Do not try to adopt if:

At the end of the day, we have full discretion on our choice of adopter. When raising our puppies from birth, we know them better than anyone coming into the home to adopt. If we don't pick you, it may simply be because we thought that both the dog and you would be unhappy together. It isn't personal, and you can be considered for future adoptions. Please understand the situation we are in and have compassion for our difficult decisions. We all want one thing: happy dogs.

Current Adoptable Pets

All of the animals that come into our care get temporary names for use at the house and on social media. If you'd like to suggest and vote on names for our fosters, consider joining our Patreon. All proceeds go towards our rescue efforts and quality of life. We do not train them onto these names and the adopter has the right to change this name at any time after adoption confirmation.

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Eggnog (Noggin)

This male pitbull came into our care May 29th, 2023. He was wandering a neighborhood and had infected injuries from a dog fight. His history is unknown. He is neutered and fully vaccinated for parvo/distemper/lepro. He is not outwardly aggressive to people or dogs, but he is reactive and fearful. He will bite a dog that gets too close. It is recommended that he goes into a home with no other dogs. He has shown patience and calmness with cats through a door, but excitable chasing when in close contact with no barrier. At this time, I do not think he would be a danger to guests or children, but you would need to arm them with treats and practice calmness and self control. With patience, training, and time, he could undoubtedly be rehabilitated, but he needs time to heal, emotionally and physically. He is amazing in a crate, continue training. Follow his journey on Youtube.

He will be vaccinated with DHPP and lepro, neutered, and dewormed. We will give you a harness and collar.

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Kyros is a purebred German Shepherd. We have her AKC paperwork. She must be spayed between 9-12 months of age. Due to the nature of purebreds being used for breeding, we will be strict about her adoption and will not give you her AKC paperwork until after you send proof of spay. 

She knows sit, down, and wait, but you need to continue her training. She is fully crate trained and will go to bed when you say "bedtime." Doesn't make a peep in the crate. 

Kyros is extremely sweet, playful, energetic, and loving. She gets along with all people, children, and animals. She is still learning to respect boundaries, especially with cats, but does not attack them, only bugs them. She loves water and fetch. At this time, she does very well in the house and does not have accidents with proper supervision. 

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