Past Rescues

Solari and Puppies

The dogs that started it all. Solari was a backyard breeder dog kept in a bare backyard and allowed to roam the neighborhood. She would wander over to our home and visit us for months before we would take her in. December 2022, we noticed she was pregnant. On January 13th 2023, we were told she had been barricaded out of her yard and could not longer seek shelter at her home. We took her in, set her up with food, water, blankets, and a heater in our shed. She gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies. We lost 1 on day 4, but we found homes for the rest, including our boy that we adopted, Rex (now named Eru).

Solari will forever hold a special place in our heart. Without her, none of this would have been possible. She was a God-given gift that we were tasked to nurture and love with our whole hearts. We wouldn't change anything for the world.


Ozzy is a Shih Tzu that was severely neglected and abused. He was picked up and thrown onto concrete so hard that it ruptured his eye, broke his teeth, caused multiple orbital fractures, and almost killed him. 

With the extreme generosity of our village, we were able to raise the funds to not only get him multiple surgeries that he needed, but set him up for success in his future home. 

No animal should ever be neglected. The only hands that should ever lay on an animal should be kind and gentle. Ozzy survived a horrible situation and now lives in his furever home with a mother that gives him the love he deserves.


Winnie was a local rescue from a woman whose family wasn't taking care of her. She was separated from her litter too soon, wasn't being vaccinated, and likely being kenneled for long periods. 

When we received her, she was covered in her own poop and pee, had separation anxiety, food aggression, and a heart full of fear. 

Now she is being trained as an emotional support dog for Afghani refugees and loves her new mama. Her new name is Clementine.


Suki was a husky/possible corgi mix pup that actually wandered right in front of our home. We were so surprised that she had been abandoned because she was absolutely gorgeous with her 2 different colored eyes.

We kept her for 2 weeks, as is mandated by California law, and tried to use all possible ways to find her owner. She had no collar and was not chipped, so we eventually adopted her out to one of our friends here in CA. She's now thriving as his little princess.