Inability To Care Contract

You will be required to sign this contract upon pickup.

Permanent ownership of this animal is contingent upon your compliance with this Addendum. By signing below, the Adopter agrees that in the event that the Adopter can no longer care for the animal adopted from Sun Village Animal Rescue, henceforth referred to as SVAR, the Adopter will contact SVAR to discuss surrendering the animal back to the adopted location. 

If the adopted animal is found to be neglected, abused, or otherwise not being kept in fine health to the best of the Adopter’s ability, SVAR has the right to seize temporary ownership of the animal until such a time that that the animal has been fully examined and found rehabilitated to good health. SVAR may have full discretion to determine the animal’s health and welfare and have legal authority to seize permanent ownership of the animal in the event that it is found the animal has been abused or intentionally severely neglected. There will be no financial compensation returned to the Adopter should SVAR need to seize temporary or permanent ownership of the animal under these circumstances, and the Adopter will no longer be eligible to adopt any animal from the care of SVAR.