What is Sun Village Animal Rescue?

Sun Village is a nonprofit organization based at a residence in Victorville California in the United States. It is primarily run by a couple, Lisa Garrett and Grant Johnson. It specializes in pregnant mothers and their puppies, but takes on rescue situations on a case by case basis.

Have you adopted any of the animals you've rescued?

Yes we did. We adopted a male puppy from the first litter we took care of. We have several prey animals in our home that free roam. We needed to adopt a puppy that could be desensitized early to not harm our current animals. We were very fortunate to bond with a mild boy that suited our family.

Why didn't I get picked to adopt?

We receive dozens of applications to adopt. We are in a unique position to select the most suitable home for each animal. Unfortunately, we may feel that your home is not suitable for this particular dog or breed. It isn't personal, and we encourage you to keep applying to adopt one of our dogs. We do pay attention and see names, emails, and profile pictures that pop up frequently. Build a rapport with us as best you can through social media and continue to apply to find your furever pup.

Can you adopt this animal?

We would love to take in every animal that needs to be rescued. Unfortunately, we have to do what is safest for the animals in our care and can only take on animals within our means. We will take in rescues on a case by case basis, so never hesitate to ask, but be prepared for us to say no. We will not take in any new animals while caring for a mom and her puppies, as it can bring disease into our home and harm the unvaccinated puppies in our care. Unless you can prove that the dog is fully vaccinated, we take the risk.

We highly recommend you list the animal on Petfinder.com, as they are a wonderful, trusted resource for rehoming.

Can I volunteer or come see your animals?

Since Sun Village is based out of a residence, we are not accepting any volunteers or visitors at this time. 

Can I donate by cash/check?

Thank you so much for your generosity. However, at this time, we are not accepting cash or checks.

How can I adopt?

Adoptions vary based on if we are fostering through an organization or have primary ownership of the dog or puppies. Whenever we take in a rescue case or are caring for a mother and her puppies, we will have information readily available through our adoption tab. Adoptions are fully at our discretion.

How far will you adopt out?

How far we will adopt out an animal will vary depending on both the animal and the adopter. However, at this time we will most likely not adopt any animals out further than about an 8 hour car drive. We will consider adopters on a case by case basis.

When will you adopt out to other states?

We live very close to Nevada and Arizona, so we technically can consider adopting out to those states. However, at this time, we do not have the means for adopting out of state. Many professional breeders can adopt out of state and will travel with their pups, but we cannot afford something like that at this time. We would love to visit that in the future! If someone has the means to go through a screening process, fly to us, pick up the animal, and transport the animal legally, we can also consider this. Due to my disability, we cannot transport animals more than 2 hours.